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Although there are many places to buy and sell a special car, Overland Exchange offers significant advantages over other websites. Here are just a few of our benefits:

We’re focused on Overland Vehicles: Loyal customer base; everyone on our site is looking for a vehicles like yours!

Sellers list for free: The buyer’s fee is just 4.5%, with a minimum of $225 and a maximum of $4,500 — far below other auction houses and enthusiast car auction websites.

Easy to submit your car for sale: We only ask a few details before letting you know whether we accept your vehicle. That means you don’t have to waste your time providing lots of info only to have your car rejected

About Us

Over the last few years there’s been an increasing recognition for Overland vehicles. Car enthusiasts Mitch and Luke realized there wasn’t yet a place that focused on buying and selling overland vehicles, but there should be! So they and the team created Overland Exchange with simplicity and ease in mind